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Another Edible Woman

Within her work as a theatre maker and dramatherapist, Laura Height found herself continually questioning the line between pathological and normalised behaviour in relation to the way we see our bodies and our personal relationships to food.

This performance was initially inspired by the title of Margaret Atwood's iconic novel, 'The Edible Woman' (1976). Since its publication date, it is Laura's belief that, in some way we have all become 'edible women' who are influenced or affected by cultural constraints, pressures, and ideals (Rosenfeld, 2014). Psychotherapist Orbach (2010) comments on the presenting problems of her patients, claiming that “concern for the body is nearly always...” present “ though it were perfectly commonplace to be telling a story in which body dissatisfaction is central” (p.1). 'Another Edible Woman' is intentionally reflective of this apparent normality.

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